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3CX - Web Client - No Camera or Microphone Detected

No Camera or Microphone Detected in WebMeeting

When joining a web meeting you will be prompted to test and configure your device settings before entering. Here you can select your webcam, microphone and speaker. Be sure that you authorize the use of your camera and microphone when asked by the browser.
If you are faced with the following message:
webmeeting webcam warning
First make sure that no other application is using the webcam. Once this has been ascertained, check that your browser is not blocking the device. In Chrome, you can see if your device is being blocked by looking at the Camera icon in the right of the address bar. If blocked, it will contain a red cross.
In Chrome:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Privacy & Security > Site Settings
  3. Permissions > Camera
Here you can select whether to ask for permission before accessing the camera (recommended) and view which sites block or allow its use. If you see that the meeting hostname is blocked, remove it.
For issues with the microphone, you can follow the steps above and in Permissions go to Microphone.
To access device settings during a meeting, click on the “Settings” icon to open Multimedia Settings. Here you can select which webcam, microphone and speaker you want to use.

 Last updated 15-12-2020 10:05 am

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