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3CX - CTI Mode Selected - Unable to select softphone or receive/make calls

CTI Mode Selected – Unable to select softphone in Windows App OR Not Able to Send or Receive Voice

CTI Mode enables you to control your desktop IP phone with the Windows App. If you’re working remotely, or simply using a headset at the office instead of an IP phone, you’ll want to be in softphone mode.
To switch to softphone mode, click on the phone icon and then on “Softphone”. Some users have issues selecting the softphone mode, or once selected, are unable to hear calls or send voice via their headset.
windows app phone selector
This is usually quickly resolved in the audio settings of the app. Go to the Menu (click on the three vertical dots, top right corner), select “Audio Options” and in the “Audio Devices” section, select your headset as the device for “Microphone”, “Speaker” and “Ringing”. Alternatively, you can select another output device, such as a speaker, for “Ringing”, so that you hear when a call comes in even if not wearing the headset.
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 Last updated 15-12-2020 9:17 am

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